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One Spine, Two Twists

Day 5 of the Wanderlust 21-Day Yoga Challenge is all about twists.

Pushing Past Your Procrastination

Name procrastination and find out what's stopping you from starting.

A Small Commitment Can Change Your Life

Starting small leads to big changes.

Wanderlust 2018 Wellness Trends

Check out our predictions for 2018's top wellness trends.

Finding Your Soul Through Surfing

Surf guru Ian Ahaki Masterson shares what we can learn from the waves.

Yoga is a Living Current of Consciousness

Noah Mazé shares his perspective on innovative yoga, the power of transformation, and why he…

Recipe: Easy and Elegant Vegan Cauliflower Leek Soup

Celebrate cooler weather by getting cozy with this vegan cauliflower leek soup.

A Year in Review: The 2017 Wanderlust Photo Essay

Celebrate the years past and to come with this collection of our favorite Wanderlust memories.

Finding Flexibility (And Not Just the Bendy Kind)

Extend that free-flowing, easy-going yoga mindset into all areas of your life.

Recipe: Hot Chocolate With Adaptogens and Tonic Herbs

Warm up and fight stress with this adaptogen-focused hot chocolate.

The Secret Gifts of a Yoga Challenge

When you commit, magic happens.

Why You Should Get a Vacation On the Calendar (Before the Year is Over)

Don't be shy—here are five reasons why you should make your travel plans ASAP.

What Happens to the Brain on Music and Yoga

Magical things can happen when you link your breath to the beat.

You Are in Charge of Your Perspective

From finding passion to revamping perspective, Wanderlust presenter Mary Beth LaRue is all a…

A Love Letter to Hawaii’s Aloha Spirit

A Hawaiian reflects on what makes her home so special

Aloha! Find Your True North (Shore)

Join us this March on the North Shore of Hawaii for Wanderlust O'ahu.

Wanderlust TV
Compose a Fierce Love Letter to Yourself

Today's journal assignment: Compose a fierce love letter to yourself.

Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Style of Yoga? 

Whether you're trying something new or looking for a specialty, we'll help you find your new…

7 Practice Hacks (There’s Always Time for Yoga)

Life is busy and we can't always make it to class, but a little yoga can actually go a long way.

3 Steps to Love the Skin You’re In

Use these simple mantras help to inspire the wildness within.

The Benefit of Sharing the Festival Experience

Transform your festival experience into a shared experience. Here's why you should bring a f…

Wanderlust TV
Wrist-Friendly Wheel Pose

Use this modification from Noah Mazé to ease stress on the wrists during Wheel.

6 Tips for Sticking With Your Home Yoga Practice

Establishing a home (or traveling) yoga practice is the perfect way to stay in the flow.

Make Space for More Soul Talk

Wanderlust presenter Chelsey Korus shares the changes she hopes to inspire.

The Art of Coming Home to Yourself

When home isn't a place, but a part of your soul.

The Ocean as Our Yoga Sanctuary

The ocean can soothe our minds and put us in a meditative state that's perfectly suited to d…

6 Tips for Planning an Amazing Vacation, No Matter Your Destination

Wherever you're going this summer, it helps to plan smart. And no, that doesn't mean schedul…

The Case for Booking a Solo Yoga Trip

When you travel alone, you open yourself up to a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

How to Choose, Use, and Cleanse Your Mala Beads

Explore the realm of mindful possibility with your own set of mala beads.

Presented by Mala Collective
Navigating the Ocean of Life

Staying focused on the big picture allows us to handle whatever storm life throws our way.

The Many Lessons of a Home Yoga Practice

A self-made, 30-day yoga challenge helped me recognize the changes I needed to make in my life.

Inspire and Discover: The adidas and Wanderlust Photo Recap

Yogis from all over the world came together to celebrate and inspire community.

Presented by adidas
5 Ways to Dismantle Your Meditation Fears

What excuses are you making? Rid yourself of hesitation and dive headfirst into a meditation…

The Importance of Building a Holistic Yoga Practice

Enhance your practice through the Wanderlust Speakeasy Podcast.

Wanderlust Breaks the World Record for Partner Yoga

On September 10, 2017, over 2,000 yogis mobilized in Brooklyn to break a Guinness World Record.

What It’s Like to Fly: Confessions From a Slackliner

Yogi and professional slackliner Michelle Griffith sheds light on taking flight, and using s…

What We Mean When We Say “Bliss”

What is bliss? Together we go beyond the buzzword.

Recipe: Healing Butternut Squash Soup

Nourishing and full of essential nutrients, this butternut squash soup is the ultimate food …

Presented by siggi’s
Get the New 360-Fitness App

The new ALL DAY app serves up insights and challenges to inspire all around fitness.

Presented by Adidas
How to DIY Your Own Sacred Space

Fire up your home practice with a personalized sacred space.

A Letter to My Open Heart

Love is real in all directions, not something to be sought, forced, or held.

Apps Over (Paper) Maps: Wanderlust Goes Green

Mindfulness means being aware of your impact on the environment. Join us as we make an effor…

Kundalini Yoga: Demystifying This Sacred Meditation

Dive deep into the sacred meditation practice of Kundalini yoga.

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

Dive deep as we explore cannabidiol, one of the world's most talked-about organic chemicals.

Presented by Leafly
The Art of Making a Promise to Yourself

When it comes to making a promise, sometimes the best person to focus on is yourself.

From the Mat: YOGAMAZÉ

YOGAMAZÉ is a unique style of teaching that has something for everyone—novices and certified…